Top 100 Cheapskate Blogs for Frugal Living

Updated July 26, 2013

Now we all know times are tough and for many of us our dollars don’t go as far as they used to. Don’t let the economy put a dent in your dating life. The internet is a fantastic resource for finding ways to pinch pennies, and we’ve saved you hours of research by doing the work for you. Presenting the top 100 blogs for living frugally and finding deals and freebies.

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Cheapskate Sites

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Cheapskate 4 Life: this informative blog gives great advice on how to save money with coupons, deals, and free samples.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]The Green Cheapskate: being a cheapskate and saving the planet isn’t impossible.  The Green Cheapskate shows you how.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Recipes of a Cheapskate: the ultimate blog for cheapskate cooking.  Includes recipes that don’t cost much and taste great.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]The Cheapskate Cook: this blog provides articles and how-to guides from a foodie who is eating health on the cheap.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Cheapskate-A-Holic: offers readers great articles on how to live frugally and not waste money.  Includes tips to get free products and how to shop smart.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Baby Cheapskate: this blog is all about saving big bucks on baby stuff.  Features articles, deals, sales, and all the things you need to save caring for the little ones.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Everyday Cheapskate: award winning author Mary Hunt blogs about how to live frugally and empower yourself to tackle consumer debt.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Northern Cheapskate: contains a ton of great resources for free and cheap stuff, including free music, the latest coupons, and even free pizza!
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Fashionplate Cheapskate: blogger Christen shares her thoughts on saving money on music, fashion, food, design, traveling, and much more.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]The Cheapskate Mom: contains helpful DIY ideas for raising kids and keeping your house in order and provides other creative methods for saving money.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Daily Cheapskate: includes daily deals, coupons, freebies, and other money-saving ideas.  Some of the best price research on everyday products.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]The Tasty Cheapskate: contains all the best tips and tricks you need to eat healthy on the cheap.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Confessions of a Serial Cheapskate: blogger Laura shares her tricks for saving money and provides you with how-to articles on DIY projects.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]AARP Ultimate Cheapskate: a variety of bloggers from AARP provide older American’s with the secrets to frugal living that won’t compromise their quality of life.

Frugal Sites

  1. [thumb][/thumb]The Frugal Cafe: the motto of this blog is “where it’s chic to be cheap.”  Offers readers helpful hints and tricks on living frugally.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Suddenly Frugal: for those of you looking for an up to date resource for saving on everyday products, you’ve found it.  Contains coupons, freebies, discounts, and deals to help you save money.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]NY Times Frugal Traveler: this blog is all about traveling on the cheap.  Features great travel stories intermixed with money saving tips.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Frugal Dad: this blog is all about finding ways to afford college the frugal way.  Includes informative articles about financial planning and student loans.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Being Frugal: written by an average mom trying to live a frugal life, this blog provides a wealth of advice on how to get out of debt.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Festival of Frugality: this blog calls itself a weekly carnival that helps you pinch pennies.  Every week, bloggers offer advice on how to live the cheapskate life.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Almost Frugal: chalk full of ideas and helpful articles to help you stay frugal, save money, and accomplish your goals.  Check out the article “5 Simple Ways to Save $50 a Month.”
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Live Frugal: written by a self-described frugal guy, Live Frugal is your home for finding cheap, healthy meals, ways to save money, and other frugal tips.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]The Frugal Duchess: the Frugal Duchess describes herself as a spoiled writer.  Her motto is to live well, find meaning, and stay on a budget.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Pat Veretto’s Frugal Living Blog: blogger Pat explains that the things we throw away everyday can be eaten or recycled, and can give you huge savings.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Frugal Zeitgeist: this blog is all about money saving and personal finance.  Readers learn how to be frugal with their finances.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]Not Made of Money: this personal finance blog gives great advice on how to be frugal with your cash—offering tips on saving money at theme parks and getting out of debt.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Fabulously Broke: this blog tells the story of a girl trying to find a balance between being a shopaholic and saver.  Through her stories, she lets us in on saving secrets.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]$5 Dinners: Erin Chase blogs about how she learned to save money and not make a meal that costs more than $5.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Frugal Babe: this blog offers great ideas for saving money on household goods and gives some sound financial advice as well.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Money Saving Mom: this hip blog is dedicated to helping readers find great deals, live on less than you make, and stretch your cash.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]Ebatable Blog: this blog is all about offering you cash back and coupons offered from major retailers.  Never mind scouring the net for promo codes, first look here.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Mashup Mom: moms rejoice!  Mashup Mom is your place on the web for coupons.  Find money saving promotions from Target, groceries, Hy-Vee, and Kroger.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Home Ec 101: didn’t take this class in high school?  This blog gives you the primer on recipes and home improvement projects that will save you money.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Fabulous Savings: this blog is more than just coupons.  The authors share savings tips and shopping tricks to suit your cheapskate budget.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]Mighty Bargain Hunter: established in 2005, this blog is all about helping its readers find good deals on mortgages, shopping, and other ways to save.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Savy Frugality: focusing on staying frugal in these tough economic times, Savy Frugality exposes ideas on how to survive until the next payday.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]The Frugal Law Student: this blog is built for anyone trying to pear down their rising debt as students in law school. Chronicles the challenges faced by a student trying to avoid talking on more debt.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]The Frugal Family Kitchen: Mary blogs from her kitchen about cooking with all things frugal. Features recipes and ideas for frugal living.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]Frugal Village: at the Frugal Village, find a plethora of money saving tips, tricks, and projects at home and out and about.
  26. [thumb][/thumb]Frugal Upstate: contains great money saving techniques, recipes, craft projects, and DIY tips to help you become the ultimate cheapskate.
  27. [thumb][/thumb]Frugal For Life: this blog includes great ideas for saving money in your everyday life.  Includes tips on how to save at the grocery store, and how to stay on your frugal journey.

Savings By City

  1. [thumb][/thumb]A Parent in Silver Spring: this blog offers fun, free tips on how families living in the Washington, DC metro area can save.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]LA Cheapskate: in the City of Angels, things can get expensive.  This blogger keeps things cheap by offering food ideas and activities that won’t tax your pocketbook.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Cheap Date Philadelphia: this blog shares the secrets for finding the best dates in Philadelphia for less than $15 per person.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Chitown Cheapskate: this blog is all about living on the cheap in Chicago.  Readers will find coupons, giveaways, and thoughtful reviews.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]FM Cheapskate: for those who live in the Fargo/Moorhead of Minnesota, this cheapskate blog written by Sheila provides readers with all sorts of good deals.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Paris Cheapskate: blogger Jenna-Marie Warnecke provides the expat or traveler cheap things to do, see, eat, and drink in Paris.

Do-It-Yourself Sites

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Pretty Handy Girl: this knowledgeable blog provides readers with a great selection of articles teaching you how to fix and upgrade your home yourself.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]A Beautiful Mess: bloggers Elsie and Emma blog about how do it yourself (DIY) projects can help you create a beautiful life.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]DIY Diva: this witty blog written by a woman ready to take on the world of home improvement herself, includes articles like “I Bought Something Off Craigslist and Didn’t Get Killed By An Axe Murderer.”
  4. [thumb][/thumb]I SPY DIY: why pay outrageous prices at a mall when you can create your own fashion style?  This blog shows you how.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]2 Modern: contains tons of great DIY projects for around the house that will save you tons of money and are also a lot of fun!
  6. [thumb][/thumb]The Daily Green: this consumer blog from the folks at Good Housekeeping let readers in on easy, time and money saving projects for the home.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]DIY Advice Blog: readers learn the latest on new tools, ideas, and projects from expert handymen. Learn how to save a ton by doing it yourself.

Coupons and Freebies

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Awesome Freebies: this blog helps you live with a cheapskate mentality by offering coupons, samples, freebies, and deals.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Best Free Stuff Online: this blog contains helpful articles and tons of freebie-hunting tips.  Includes free sample links for oodles of everyday products.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Mommy Saves Big: your place for requesting free samples by mail of the products you love for baby, food, candy, and more.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Freebie Shark: check out the Shark’s freebies, coupons, sweepstakes, and other great ways to help get you started on a cheapskate lifestyle.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Brad’s Deals: blogger Brad makes sure you are up to date with the latest deals and coupons.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Coupon Cravings: blogger Kate Sorensen is a working mother of two and knows how difficult it can be to find deals, so she blogs about the best ones she can find.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Coupon Mom: let the Coupon Mom take care of your cheapskate worries by reading this informative blog.  Contains tons of coupons on the everyday products you need.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Coupon Cactus: this blog is full of coupon ideas and offers encouraging words of wisdom to get you on the right path to saving cash.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Freebie Blogger: the blogger behind the Freebie Blogger is a wife and mother of one and shares her favorite coupons and bargains to help save you money.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Deal Seeking Mom: a married mom of three boys and two girls, Tara blogs about learning how to cut costs on her family’s basic needs.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Living Rich With Coupons: let blogger Cindy teach you to save thousands a year in groceries with the very best coupons.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]Squawk Fox: this blog about covers frugal living. With articles on shopping, travel, fitness, recipes, tools.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Coupons and Freebies: blogger Jaime is natural frugal shopper, and describes her take on finding the best coupons and freebies.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Sweeties Sweeps: this blog is the place to learn how to win what you can’t afford by entering winnable sweepstakes via Facebook, websites, and Twitter.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Mom’s Need to Know: written by a blogger who has read “frugal blogs” for a long time but couldn’t seem to find the right one, this blog takes a different look at freebies and coupons.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Mama Cheaps: this blog gives great advice from a young family trying to save in times of tough economic conditions.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]Thrify NW Mom: written by moms trying to save for their family, Thrifty NW Mom was started to share their love of good deals and frugal ways.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Mama of 3 Munchkins: blogger Ty has been blogging for over five years and has received several awards for being an influential mom blogger.  This blog shares her life struggles being frugal while raising three kids.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Busy at Home: this blog is for busy wives and moms.  It provides tips for food and fun on a frugal budget.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Southern Bella’s Ways To Save: this blog chronicles this mom’s quest for giveaways for today’s hottest products.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]Girls Just Want to Have Funds: this fun blogs instructs girls how to ditch the norm and find big savings by buying used, saving on utilities.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Dan Deals: Dan Deals contains the best hot deals and free stuff on the web. With travel tips and cheap magazines, this blog is a great resource.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]Coupon Dad: for those new to couponing, Coupon Dad shares the secrets and process that you can use to save a ton money.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]Super Mom Surveys: the goal of this blog is to relay strategies on how to save and make money without losing precious time with family.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]Saving Dollars and Sense: blogger Kristie shares her opinions on the things that can save you tons of money.
  26. [thumb][/thumb] a community of family-minded participants, collects the best money saving tips, with new entries appearing every day.
  27. [thumb][/thumb]Delightful Chaos: contains printable coupons, vehicle reviews, giveaways and more to keep more money in your pocketbook.
  28. [thumb][/thumb]Webfloss: this blog is all about high living on a middle class budget. Includes coupons, tips to make money, and saving guides.
  29. [thumb][/thumb]A Mama and Boys Living on a Budget: this cheapskate blog looks at how a mom of three boys keeps within her budget.
  30. [thumb][/thumb]Homestead Blogger: this is your one-stop shop for information on how to live more frugally off the grid, use alternative building materials, and alternative energy.
  31. [thumb][/thumb]Kitchen Crafts ‘n More: this fun, cute blog is full of around the house suggestions, bath and beauty formulas, tips for cleaning, and other money saving project ideas.
  32. [thumb][/thumb]My Money Blog: under the “Frugal Living” category of this comprehensive financial blog, readers learn how to live with a frugal lifestyle in mind.
  33. [thumb][/thumb]Consumerism Commentary: as mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine, Consumerism Commentary discusses smart choices consumers can make to live a cheapskate life.
  34. [thumb][/thumb]Wise Bread: the bloggers at Wise Bread are keen on one thing—how to live large on a small budget. Articles include “25 Painless Ways to Save $50 This Year.”
  35. [thumb][/thumb]Z Little: this neat blog shows you how to save by dressing in the frugal style. Learn the secrets to buying clothes for next to nothing.
  36. [thumb][/thumb]Freebielicious:  full of free knickknacks, this blog contains free stuff from pre-K, Kindergarten, and first-grade teachers.>
  37. [thumb][/thumb]Inspired by Kindergarten: this blog is full of great freebie ideas, arts and crafts, and other things to keep your kids entertained.
  38. [thumb][/thumb]Sweet Free Stuff: your location for free stuff, samples, freebies, coupons, savings, and more.
  39. [thumb][/thumb]Clair’s Freebies: contains product reviews, giveaways, rebates, deals, even sweepstakes, Clair’s Freebies is a great blog for free stuff.
  40. [thumb][/thumb]Frugal Freebies: features daily freebies, bargains, coupons, frugal tips, and other waves to save lots of cash.
  41. [thumb][/thumb]Far Far Hill: This blog covers your freebie nature in the digital age.  Contains free backgrounds, old postcards, old photos, and labels you can use for free.
  42. [thumb][/thumb]VT Freebie Girl: readers can peruse this fine selection of free stuff, including giveaways, reviews, and instant win games.
  43. [thumb][/thumb]Sweetly Scrapped: curious how you can save on your scrapbook projects? This blog shows you how with free prinatables and more.
  44. [thumb][/thumb]Everyday Freebies: all you need to know about this blog is that it unlocks the world of good deals, free items, and helpful insights.
  45. [thumb][/thumb]Freebies for Crafters: unlock the key to free craft items including patterns, tutorials, sewing, quilting, and scrapbooking.
  46. [thumb][/thumb]Freebie Spot: written by a stay-at-home mom of two boys, Freebie Spot introduces readers for great ways to get free stuff and earn extra income with online surveys.

Bonus Sites

Note: we have received a lot of suggestions to add to this list of resources. Here are the ones that made the cut.

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Stretching the One Income Dollar: this blog focuses on showing its readers how to make less go farther by being frugal, and taking advantage of deals.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Coupons Wiz: the wizard in all things coupon, this site has thousands of coupon codes and deals for just, covering just about every retailer under the sun.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Rather Be Shopping: save money by reading this blog, which claims to provide “coupons, frugal living tips, and personal finance tips to make life a little easier.”